6-Day Umbwe Route Kilimanjaro Trek

Embark on an exhilarating 6-day journey to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro through the challenging and scenic Umbwe Route. With Sandhill Adventures as your guide, you’ll traverse diverse terrains, from lush rainforests to rugged moorlands, and conquer the Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa. This carefully paced itinerary ensures a remarkable camping experience, acclimatization, and the chance to make your Kilimanjaro dream a reality.

Day 1: Umbwe Gate to Umbwe Camp

Altitude Profile: Start at 1,600m, reach Umbwe Camp at 2,900m
Camping Experience: Set up camp in the serene rainforest, surrounded by the sounds of nature. Immerse yourself in the lush environment and anticipate the adventure ahead.

Day 2: Umbwe Camp to Barranco Camp

Altitude Profile: Ascend to 3,976m at Barranco Camp
Camping Experience: Camp in the moorland zone near Barranco Camp, witnessing the transition in vegetation. Marvel at the towering Barranco Wall that awaits your conquering spirit.

Day 3: Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp

Altitude Profile: Reach 3,995m at Karanga Camp
Camping Experience: Conquer the Barranco Wall, a thrilling experience that rewards you with panoramic vistas. Rest and acclimatize at Karanga Camp, surrounded by alpine beauty.

Day 4: Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp

Altitude Profile: Ascend to 4,673m at Barafu Camp
Camping Experience: Camp at Barafu, your final camp before the summit push. Take in the surrounding alpine desert landscape and mentally prepare for the pinnacle ascent.

Day 5: Barafu Camp to Uhuru Peak to Millennium Camp

Altitude Profile: Summit at 5,895m, descend to Millennium Camp at 3,820m
Camping Experience: Summit night! Embark on a challenging midnight trek, crossing glaciers and scaling steep slopes. Triumphantly stand on Uhuru Peak at sunrise, then descend to Millennium Camp for a rewarding rest.

Day 6: Millennium Camp to Mweka Gate

Altitude Profile: Descend to 1,640m at Mweka Gate
Camping Experience: Descend through lush rainforests, feeling the change in altitude and temperature. Arrive at Mweka Gate, where your accomplishment is celebrated and cherished.

Experience the thrill of the 6-day Umbwe Route Kilimanjaro trek with Sandhill Adventures. Each step is a testament to your determination and spirit, as you conquer challenging landscapes and reach the pinnacle of Africa.

Climbing FAQ

More than 30,000 hikers visit the famous mountain, known as the roof of Africa, each year, drawn not just by its height but also by the panorama it offers. While scaling Mount Kilimanjaro is not for the faint of heart, many trekking aficionados have it on their bucket list to reach the mountain’s snow-capped summit.

The dry season, which lasts from June to October and December to March, offers beautiful scenery, a clear view, and a high success rate for summit attempts.

In our opinion. The Machame Route comes in second, followed by the Lemosho Route, while the Rongai Route comes in third.

The gateway to both Kilimanjaro and the safari is Kilimanjaro International Airport. From there, you’ll be driven an hour to Moshi town or an hour to Arusha City for the night. Drive to the gates of the Kilimanjaro mountain park the following day.

You need all of the equipment from the Kilimanjaro Climb Gear List as well as layered clothing because the summit is extremely cold.

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